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13 September 2010, 1302
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What about this makes me think this is Tony?

13 September 2010, 1311
Definitely Tony!!!!! LOL

Reminds me of my little green car thingie.

Get it.... Um ZAP....Is this mic on?

I will be here through Thursday...Try the Veal. :)

Tony Coiro
13 September 2010, 2057
Lol, funny story about something similar to this. Once upon a time, after a series of poor decisions, I ended up standing in a plastic milk crate on top of a rubber mat holding onto a Van De Graaff generator, which, unbeknown-st to me, had been grounded to an insulator. Anyway, so you know how you can smell static electricity? Imagine this as a function where d(static smell )/ dt > 0. Also, imagine the jankiest setup ever where you really had no choice but keep holding on cuz you couldn't unplug the generator for fear of even worse things happening. The point is, after we did the math, I had to have been charged up to atleast 210,000 volts to have created a spark that size from my big toe, around the plastic crate, over the rubber mat to the floor.

14 September 2010, 0307

Funny Stuff!

Ahhhhhhhhh The good old days of zapping your friends for a gooooooooood time!!!!


14 September 2010, 0937
That's very fun. When I was in high school, I had the good fortune of receiving some mentoring from Dave Archer. He paints space scenes and uses a tesla coil to move paint around on glass for nebula effects. More than half of the paintings on the walls of the Enterprise in Star Trek the Next Generation were his. He fired up the coil when I was visiting his studio once, and it was very cool. 3.5 million volts, if I remember right. Originally built to blow apart a model western town with lightning bolts for movie special effects, it threw arcs well over 2 feet in length. Very, very, big, fun toy.

14 September 2010, 1636
Very cool vid!