View Full Version : Electronic parts: 400A Darlington Pair modules, shunts, etc

09 December 2012, 1104
I've got the following for sale:

6 9" 5x5 bonded fin aluminum heatsink (drilled and tapped for the Darlingtons and Shunts)
6 Toshiba mg400g1ul1 Darglington Transistors 400V 600A
6 Crompton 250A/50mV shunts
6 IRFZ44 MOSFETS + matching heatsinks
6 TS922 Op Amps
18 Mounting standoffs for the shunts
9 2500uF 450VDC, 525V surge Nippon CHemi-Con 36DX11445 Capacitors

I was building some dischargers.... I can sell parts to make a a single module, I've got enough to build 6, just no time to finish.

$50 each module (shunt, transistor, mosfet, op amp, standoffs and heatsink)
$10 each for the caps, $75 for all 9
$350 for everything

26 December 2012, 1716
new prices above