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11 December 2012, 1356
I've got a very good condition Camlight Systems CC400 discharger for sale. I've used it under 50 times, in a lab environment. I've been the only user and it's been taken care of.

According to Camlight, THESE ARE NO LONGER BEING MADE.


400W maximum continuous discharge (at 86F. or 30C. ambient temperature, or lower).

Up to 500W allowed for the first 15 seconds of a discharge (at 86F. or 30C. ambient temperature, or lower).

Removing jumper allows continuous 500W discharges (at 86F. or 30C. ambient temperature, or lower).

0.5V to 60V battery voltage range.

Constant-Current Mode and Burst Mode: 1A-150A current (for 2V-60V cells/packs), selectable in 1A increments. Limited to 100A at 0.9V.

Throttle Mode: 200mA-150A discharge current (for 2V-60V cells/packs), determined by maximum current setting and throttle, in as small as 50mA steps. Limited to 100A at 0.9V.

In Throttle Mode, the CC-400 can be calibrated for different 0% - 100% throttle pulse width ranges.

Accuracy is +/-35mA from 1A-20A and +/-1% from 21A to 150A (typically better than +/-0.6%).

Uses two large terminal blocks so you can tailor your hookup to your needs, with up to 4AWG wire.





Power supply

Original box

Servo driver for use without CBA discharger

I'm looking for $350 for everything, shipped USPS

26 December 2012, 1728