View Full Version : A new battery college

13 February 2013, 1019
According to an article written by Katy Murphy of the Bay Area Newsgroup, San Jose State University plans to establish a "battery university" to address energy storage education needs. "The program will be practical and applied, covering everything from technical concepts to the financial and policy issues related to running a renewable energy business. It will start small, with just one overview course and no more than 50 students, but could grow quickly into a certificate program serving hundreds, said Jeff Anderson, interim executive director of CalCharge, an industry initiative to spur innovation. CalCharge is teaming up with San Jose State on the project."

In a somewhat related article by Judy Peterson, it is reported that the Silicon Valley town of Los Gatos is experiencing problems with EVs accessing their public charging stations. It seems like the town, in an effort not to decrease the amount of on-street parking in the downtown area, located EV charging stations in front of existing on-street public parking spaces with no restrictions for IC parking. Needless to say, this is resulting in EVs needing a charge but not being able to access the $2.50 per use station, creating frustration for some EV owners. No solution to the problem was mentioned.