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19 February 2013, 2204
Starting a new thread since I sold my VFR

Went through all my stuff and took pictures and got prices for everything. Prices are OBO and buyer pays shipping.

(Click picture to go to my gallery for lots of pictures):
http://pics.evfr.net/albums/fs/normal_IMG_20130127_132319.jpg (http://pics.evfr.net/thumbnails.php?album=31)

Headway Lifepo4 Batteries are 38120s 10ah and $10 each must buy at least 160, but 300 are available (all from the same batch). I have spares that I will include free. These have not been discharged. They've been maintained at about 75% SOC and have been binned according to IR. [SALE PENDING]

Bussbar for 5p is $100 for a 32S5P setup (2 available) [SALE PENDING]

Elithion is $600 for 24 mid boards and 4 positive and 4 negative with soc gauge, 600a sensor and 20a charge sensor with a connector kit and OBD-II bluetooth connector to interface with Android. [SALE PENDING]

HPEVS AC20 motor $800 [NEW PRICE]

Curtis 1236-6301 controller $500 [NEW PRICE]

HPEVS Opto Isolator for Tachometer interface $50

300A 72V fuse $5

Finned heat sink for 1238 $75

GEM GE Sepex controller IC3645SR7A363T4 350A 72/80V new, with Ampseal connector and serial configuration software $300

Inertia switch $20

Automotive 2pst 12V relays with socket $10 [MULTIPLE UNITS AVAILABLE]

96V DeltaQ charger $500 [SALE PENDING]

Sure power 71030i 72-96V dc-dc $140 SHIPPED [MULTIPLE UNITS AVAILABLE]

Vicor Flacpac 300W 48V output AC power supply $50

Vicor VI-254-EU/B1 150V in, 48V out DC-DC converter $20

Vicor VI-J41-CY-B1 Vicor DC-DC 72V input, 12V output $20 [SALE PENDING]

250A 50mV shunts, Brass $20 [MULTIPLE UNITS AVAILABLE]

06 March 2013, 1635
Bump! Still have the ac20 and sepex controller. Best offer.