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25 February 2013, 0828
Now electric trollies have been around for a while. But here is something a little different (I think). I just heard on the news that Marin County (just north of San Francisco) has approved a $200,000 contract with a consultant to investigate the feasibility of building a "high intensity" battery-powered electric trolley system between the town of Fairfax (where my daughter happens to live) and the city of San Rafael. I assume that the trolley would connect with the County's electric "Smart Train" that is currently under construction and will run from San Rafael, north to beyond the county line and may someday continue south to the Larkspur ferry.

Naturally, the reporter had to toss in a little funny, questioning where the money to build the trolley line would come from (certainly a legitimate concern) and mentioning that it would have to compete with Marin's bicycle-riding and BMW-driving commuters.