View Full Version : What the LED lights on the Modalis BMS (by Native/Electric Motorsport) mean ..

16 September 2010, 0856
Someone here asked about information about the GPR-S / Native Z6 BMS functions.

Info from the EMS techie below..

If you can view the batteries the mounted BMS boards on top of the batteries each group of four cells should flash in series. If any are solid it means there is a break in communication.

In order to see the communication you have to view all the boards on all 4 groupings of 4 LFP40 Cells. When you can view all 4 Boards = 16cells you can see that they communicate in sequence.

16 September 2010, 1340
Interesting, but did he say what the green lights indicate? My board has a red blinking light next to three green lights on top of each BMS. When bulk charging the green lights do not blink, but the red light blinks every 30 seconds. When the charger is going on and off every minute or so, the left green light lights up when the charger is on. When the charger is going on and off every couple of seconds, all three green lights will light up. (I have never seen two green lights lit.) When you pull the charger plug, the green lights will not light, but the red light keeps blinking every 10 seconds or so. My guess is that the three green lights mean that the cells are charged up to their maximum programmed voltage. Unfortunately, I can only see the tops of 12 of my 24 cells. The other 12 cells are hidden by equipment and the chassis.