View Full Version : POLL: How long did the BMS last before it failed on your electric 'cycle?

16 September 2010, 0915
.. also, please state the Make and Model, etc.

On the Native Z6 Lithium with Thundersky 40AH batteries, regen braking and Modalis BMS: Less than 500 miles. Partial failure: No longer shuts off the battery charger's Solid State Relay to shut down the battery charger. Reason for partial failure: Unknown. NOTE: The BMS is still functional in its battery-balancing function.

16 September 2010, 0929
Not long.

It was an original Headway units and they ..... sucked.
To be fair, we were trying to drag race with them. For street use, they worked....OK.

16 September 2010, 1358
My 2008 EMS 60V, 20-Hi Power, 50 Ah cell, non-regen, Etek-RT motor, GPR-S lasted for exactly 320 miles before its spaghetti-type BMS fried. What killed it was running 55 mph up hill on the freeway and back down for a distance of 20 miles and using 38 Ah. The BMS fried when I was recharging the batteries from this little trip. I have no idea what brand of BMS was installed in this bike.

Knock on wood, but the Modalis BMS on my 2009 72 V, 24-cell, Hi Power, D&D motor, EMS GPR-S is functioning just fine after 1300 miles. Maybe the Hi Power cells just don't give it much of a workout.