View Full Version : Good Earth grocery store goes solar

08 April 2013, 1456
My daughter lives in the town of Fairfax, CA. A new Good Earth grocery store was built in the town last year. They just sent her this message:

When we opened our new store in February 2012, solar panels atop our building have supplied the energy to heat our hot water. Since then, we have leased the rooftops of the Fairfax Plaza across the street from us to complete our new photovoltaic system. Our newly installed 852 solar panels cover approximately 40,000 square feet of rooftop. The total size of our system is 201.5 kW AC.

Installation began in January, and as today, 100% of the solar energy captured will be delivered back to Good Earth to power approximately 35% of our energy needs. The remainder of our energy comes from MCE's Deep Green Renewable Energy Program.

The message came with the attached photos.