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10 April 2013, 1745
Chris Harris (one of the better reviewers on screen, IMHO) drives the Mercedes-Benz Electric AMG SLS. Lots of sideways driving in the first half, interesting tech analysis in the second half.

10 April 2013, 2120
I drooled over the motor bling under the body. ;)

10 April 2013, 2257
Damn. That was cool.

11 April 2013, 0156
My new favorite term: "Torque Vectoring". :D

11 April 2013, 0847
My new favorite term: "Torque Vectoring". :D

Even better "Negative torque vectoring"

11 April 2013, 1000
As amused as Chris was with the power, I loved that he was completely flummoxed by the possibilities of negative torque vectoring. It's a whole new world out there...

11 April 2013, 1000
Seems like it might be popular with the Drifting crowd?

11 April 2013, 1141
This is an area that we DIYers are short on - integration of the possibilities of precisely controlled electric motors with chassis dynamics. Traction control, ABS, anti (or pro) wheelie control, launch control, etc. All of these things are pretty simple from a hardware side - especially since we are already running electric power; but they are very complex from a software side - especially since we have a wide variety of frame/suspension set ups.

11 April 2013, 1329
People are already building their own segways (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/33667) and motorized one-wheeled cycles. put that into an elmoto and then you could have your own moto that does a wheelie 100% of the time driving around town. :)

11 April 2013, 1330
BTW, back to the original video, i like how he gave it a fair shake.

I guess i'm just so jaded to think that most reporters are going to pull a NYTimes or TopGear on any electric vehicle they get their hands on.

12 April 2013, 0800
Thank you Spaceweasel,

The vid was great, I hope the Jay Leno will bring it to his garage for a review.

Los Angeles

12 April 2013, 0928
On the ten year battery life span... "OK, you don't worry about that then..."

Loved it- thanks!

12 April 2013, 1121
put that into an elmoto and then you could have your own moto that does a wheelie 100% of the time driving around town. :)

That's pretty much what Segway did with their quad design:

14 April 2013, 2155
Awesome showcase of technological possibilities. These are the types of advances that will push EVs over the top. Yeah the batteries are still a weak spot but it's just a matter of time...

10 June 2013, 0959
New EV Nurburgring record for the AMG SLS. http://green.autoblog.com/2013/06/10/mercedes-benz-sls-amg-electric-drive-breaks-nurburgring-record-video/