View Full Version : Electric Motorcycles, a call for hybrids

Evi Lorraine
17 April 2013, 1529
Should manufacturers develop hybrid electric motorcycles?

check out this blog on the history of electric motorcycles, sexiness in the ev world and a call for hybrids:


17 May 2013, 0953
Yes, I think they should, and they have.

Years ago, I read about Piaggo hybrids running in Italy.

In EV album, you'll see a electric motorcycle hybrid in Northern BC, Canada, that works well. I spoke to the builder at length once.

Alternatively, just like some EV's in Evalbum.com, a trailer with a small AC generator can be pulled behind an elmoto.

The irony is that these days, there are (from what I see on the roads) 100X more mountain bikes fitted with chainsaw motors running all over Metro Vancouver than elmotos and escooters. These look like bikes until they are really close and you hear the gas motors. However, I doubt if they'll last more than 3000 kms before breaking down.

17 May 2013, 1053
I think it all boils down to how far you wish to travel. My conversion should go about 35 miles between charges. This is great for getting me to and from work about three times before I have to recharge. If I wanted to go for a long joy ride, I would not be able to do so.
So in short, I think that there would be a market for hybrid electric motorcycles.