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Diethelm Rust
22 April 2013, 1125
Hi fellow Elmotoneers

Has anyone here before ordered directly from Headway china?

I want to get a feel for how reliable they are. I have searched on other forums and everyone seemed only to be complaining about the shipment being slow.

I have ordered quite a bunch of cells recently but for 1.5 weeks I am waiting for a tracking number, as they claimed to have shipped the batteries...

ANY experience shared with this regard would be great!

22 April 2013, 1239
I have but it was mostly sea freight. Be patient. It does take a while. Who did you purchase from?

Diethelm Rust
22 April 2013, 1358
Mine is by air freight. At least thats what Coral, who I was in contact with, said. I also contacted Linda and she tried to reassure me that everything is ok.

Who did you deal with?

I'll be patient [or at least try very hard]

Thanks Trav!

22 April 2013, 1520
I worked with Michelle. Ask who they shipped with and why they don't have a tracking number. My hunch is that it hasn't shipped yet.

Diethelm Rust
22 April 2013, 2133
Newsflash! I received the tracking number and your hunch was righteously. The batteries were only shipped a few days ago. But so far so good. I will keep everyone updated with further development.

Thanks Coral!

22 April 2013, 2308
They're notoriously slow.

29 April 2013, 0703
As another data point. I dealt with Amy and received my cells two weeks after payment via air.

Diethelm Rust
29 April 2013, 1124
As another data point. I dealt with Amy and received my cells two weeks after payment via air.

Thanks for sharing!

I on the other hand still have to struggle. The tracking number I received stated that the goods were on their way to Cape Town on Friday. After phoning the Cape Town branch of Skychain Emirates today [Monday] they said the goods were not checked in at the airport and they asked me to contact the Hong Kong branch.
Unfortunately I have not been able to reach them, but Headway contacted them on my request and now I am waiting for a reply that makes sense. The reply I got is this "hongkong agent promise the battery is in afrain"...

I hope I will get hold of a person at the Cape Town branch tomorrow that is willing to help and not refer me to another branch again.

Holding thumbs.

Diethelm Rust
02 May 2013, 1424
Alright, turns out the there was a problem with the papers and hence the shipment was denied by the forwarder. According to Headway that was sorted and the batteries are now in Dubai and again there is a problem. But Headway promised that it will be sorted out.

Looks like they are trying hard to get the stuff here, even though they don't tell you all the details.

02 May 2013, 1503
They're very inexperienced shippers IMHO. They didn't even know what a bill of laiding was for sea freight. It doesn't surprise me.

Diethelm Rust
16 May 2013, 1208
Great news, I received my batteries 2 days ago! All the cells look to be well charged, but will be doing extensive capacity tests.

All in all very happy with my purchase! Highly recommended, for now.
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