View Full Version : Wanted: 2-3 lithium cells for testing

17 September 2010, 1253
A friend of mine is looking for 2-3 lithium batteries to use to test a BMS design he is working on. I was wondering if anyone here has a few extras they'd be willing to part with for cost of shipping, or relatively cheap? I figure someone must have a few misfit cells that aren't likely to end up in a pack. If not, we'll buy new, but I figured I'd check here first. Anyone?


17 September 2010, 1329
Haven't smoked any Headways yet. But the weekend is just starting.

17 September 2010, 2020
I keep a spare or two, but like most people I would guess, they are not availble for other's testing. I would suggest just buying some smaller size cells of different chemistrys or whatever flavour your design will support. Companies such as ALL-BATTERY http://www.all-battery.com/ will sell small quantities of various chemistry. ManzanitoMicro http://www.manzanitamicro.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=29&Itemid=64 is selling headways for 18.50 each and would serve you well for fast cycling tests if it is the LiFePO4 you are designing for.