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24 April 2013, 1421
Has anyone done a comparison between the new Grey FI and older Blue cells? According to Keegan they are "high performance" nice to hear, however I was just looking for some real comparisons?? Just took my bike out for the first ride of the season, put on 25 miles! Felt great.

24 April 2013, 1451
I found this on Jacks site, his tests show an almost identical discharge slope between 180Se (blue) and 180FI (grey). The older blue cell had slightly more capacity as well! Hmmmm.


24 April 2013, 1558
good lord he's insufferable

24 April 2013, 2314
Every once in a while I think I might watch, get some insight. Then it starts and says that it is 103 minutes long I turn off then.

25 April 2013, 0258
"We" just went back and tried to read it again. Couldn't even skim it.

25 April 2013, 0801
Then it starts and says that it is 103 minutes long I turn off then.

Fast forward past the first 15 minutes to get to where the show actually starts. Before that is just one long shot of him walking to the garage.

After seeing the test that "proved" top-balancing BMS's are bad for batteries by discharging un-monitored cells (no BMS was involved in the test) past their recommended LVC, I haven't put much faith in EVTV's testing methodologies.

25 April 2013, 0921
Its better to just read his blog. He's a believer in bottom balance and no BMS. Anyway, back to the new CALB cells, anyone using them? I wonder how they compare to the older SE's and GBS?

25 April 2013, 2040
My DR350 will have CA60fi gray cells. Unfortunately, I'm only at the point of doing a lengthy first parallel charge on them. I can report more when I'm at the point of using them.

The CAs are supposed to perform better at low temps. That, and the CAs obviously have a different outer case (mine feel surprisingly hard and dense). I haven't seen any data to back up the colder weather performance claim.

26 April 2013, 0731
If you care to dig through JR's long-winded blog posts, he did test the new CA cells at very cold temperatures, and high C rates. They do appear to be a bit better than the older SE cells.

The most interesting test I have seen from JR, so far, was his unintentional test of bottom balancing. He has a Porsche Speedster replica, which was built, and bottom balanced in May 2009.


This winter, it sat for three months without having opened the main pack switch. The DC-DC converter, running the clock, etc. drained the pack down to 6.3 volts total. They charged it back up, and did a capacity test on the cell which originally tested as having the lowest capacity. It was within 10% of new. It appears the pack survived without damaged.

As shown by all of the, admittedly few, series MC manufacturers, large format prismatic LiFePO4 cells are not ideal for a MC. But for a car conversion they great.