View Full Version : eFXC 2013 - Ripperton Electric Motorcycle R1 Interview with Victor Fenech

25 April 2013, 1447
Our man Victor Fenech interviews Danny Ripperton ahead of round one of the eFXC Australian Electric Motorcycle Racing Series for 2013. Danny and Victor discuss the 2013 series and Danny reveals some secrets of how he has managed to build an Electric Motorcycle that has 600cc performance. Stay tuned as we bring you all the action from the 2013 series...


25 April 2013, 1556
Very cool!. I note that Danny is not quite as sure of himself as last year :)
Looking forward to seeing you on the track.

25 April 2013, 1640
Absolutely! The number of developments that this bike has seen since the last season is phenomenal. He has basically built the whole bike again from scratch. I think that Ripperton will really turn some heads next weekend at Wakefield. The media crew has booked accommodation at the track and we are leaving Sydney first thing Friday morning to film all of the action. It's gonna be awesome!

26 April 2013, 0254
Is Victor related to Jeff Fenech by any chance? That's cool if he is!

I hope I'll have a bike ready this year, but money is the limitation for me unfortunately. I got my time back, but as usual, in exchange for money.