View Full Version : Pretty good deal on a Magura Throttle

18 September 2010, 0747
I found what I think is a pretty good deal on a Magura throttle yesterday and thought I'd pass it along. It's my first order through this company but from some brief web research, folks seem to think that they're o.k.


I got free shipping with the code "shipping" (I don't know how many more uses that code will be good for).

But not too bad to get one for $40 shipped when normally it'd be closer to $60.

Just thought that I'd pass it along :)

19 September 2010, 0343
Coooool beans!

Thanks for the link!!!

19 September 2010, 0714

The one question I don't have to ask you all is which throttle to get. Seems like everyone uses a Magura 0-5k.

20 September 2010, 1359
Many people don't like the half-width throttles.

It is getting harder to find full-width throttles.

The A2B electric bike has a half-grip throttle. The newest Ego-II electric scooters were also equipped with half-grips; the 2004-2005 were full-width Magura throttles.