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27 May 2013, 0204
Morning all,

Been lurking on here for a wee while lately - I'm planning on doing the (apparently) standard 1238-7601/AC-15 combo in a TLS chassis.
Presently looking towards the Dow Kokam XALT31HE's for the pack in a 30s3p config, although if I could get them I'd prefer to run the EIG NCMC040's in 31s3p.

I'm a livelong motorcyclist and an Electronic Engineer, also the proud owner of a Nissan Leaf for the last 12 months in which I clocked up just over 54000km in that time. I have been restoring an old NC24 and was initially swayed towards converting it to EV, but I've decided to put it back together to factory spec and preserve it and am going to run with a TLS chassis for the EV build as I reckon the trellis chassis will require less bracing to account for the absence of the motor and will give me a little more room to play with and a little more mass overhead with the lump and auxiliaries removed.

Have been marginally active on the electricmotorcycleforum and have been browsing ES for a while but can't get a taste for the place despite the fact that there appears to be a very knowledgable crowd on there so hopefully I'll find a principle home here.

Right - I'm away to start firing questions at ye now. ;)

27 May 2013, 0930
My TL1000s gave up parts for my upcoming Brutus missile :)

Look forward to seeing what your planning.

28 May 2013, 0758
Welcome Spoonman.

Los Angeles

28 May 2013, 0844
Welcome to elmoto Spoonman - we are more motorcycle oriented here, so you should find some useful help here that is more specific to your needs... :)

28 May 2013, 0907
I always liked that TLS. Welcome!

ARC EV Racing
28 May 2013, 1416
Welcome fella. Lots if knowledgeable folks on here so fire away with the questions.

29 May 2013, 0257
Cheers all.

For those interested there a few pics of my own TLS here (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.504226815853.3814.259200011&type=1&l=a38f8769ee) (the silver one).

She's significantly tuned and modified* and definitely will not be donating any parts for this build :eek: (shame on you Skeezemour :p)

I do however have a complete second set of fairings and a few other bits lying around for a TLS so the plan at present is to get my hands on a straight non-runner, cosmetics irrelevent, all I need is a straight rolling chassis, and build the project into that.

As mentioned I've an NC24 to put back together this summer, so I reckon the next few months will be planning and layout for the "EVoltwin" (see what I did there ha - ha ? :rolleyes:) with contruction expecting to start early next year (gettin' married in September so there's zero monies for anything else right now).

Haven't entirely ruled out an 18650-NCA pack for the build but I'd be concerned about the stacking of the cell contact impedences (I'm testing that at the moment as it happens), although my recent discovery of the EIG C040 and the DK XALT 31HE packs has definintely introduced some well received competition for that roll.

Controller will almost certainly be the 7601, unless the 1239's pop up in which case I'll have to re-evaluate; and the motor is most likely to be either the AC15 or the '20 depending on dimensional contraints (although I'd be remiss to ignore the PMAF motors but I've not looked into them enough yet and they appear more awkward to fit).

Reckon I'd like to go with a belt final drive but that may not be doable, in any case, I'm thinking ~5:1 (14-70) and current indications are that either kevlar belt or 530 chain are happy enough with that although it's something I'll examine more closely nearer the time.

Charger will likely be a custom build and I'll be opting for a battery monitoring system (likely with those celllog units you guys introduced me to yesterday) rather than a management system.

Right now I expect to be drawing quite significantly from podolofsky's build, which he provided a link to yesterday and is pretty much what I want to do only I require a reliable 90km's flat range.

Bitubo rearshock
K5 GSXR 1000 complete front end
M4 S/S system
Airbox mod
Stebel Nautilus airhorn
Headlight relays
TLR battery box
Reg/Rec rewire
Winky mirrors
Integrated tail
Gap mod tray
Gear indicator & ATRE
Corbin seat
Gilles rears
Van's clutch cover
WLR damper
...think that's it...

Still want to get a respray as the last owner left his mark as it were and I ened to tidy up a few bits, wouldn't mind some pazzo levers and a pair of Carrozzeria wheels. NEED new brake lines as the new front end only had the standards fitted, oh - and I need to uprate the spring on the rear and the damping in the forks... and that'd be it then I reckon. Might switch to an Li batt, get the injectors reconditioned and throw her up on the dyno just to be sure of everything at that stage - and of course the loom is going to require more attention because it's ****e... but that's more like essential maintenance than modification. :rolleyes:

Anyway - shall be chatting I'm sure.