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05 July 2013, 2012
I got a new LEV 200 with a side mount, so I'm selling my bottom mount one. It's in perfect shape, I just don't need it. 24V coil with bolt terminals. Part number LEV200A5NAA

Special elmoto price $50 + shipping.

07 July 2013, 0554
Since I've already bought half the bits off v1.0 of your bike...
The open contactor was the one piece I had collected that I wasn't fond of. I'll be happy to take it off your hands. I'll give you a call when I can come up and get it.

07 July 2013, 0952
Cool - I'll hold it for you.

08 July 2013, 1647
Hey Kit. I realized, you need a 24V source to drive the coil. The 12V from your DC-DC won't have enough holding power, and pack voltage will be too high.

What controller are you using?

09 July 2013, 1116
Alltrax 7245.

09 July 2013, 1200
Hmm...that's going to be difficult since you don't have a 24 V source.

If you want a sealed contactor, look for a 12V version of the LEV 200 or Gigavac that you can run from the DC-DC converter. I'd love to sell you mine, but it just won't work well.

09 July 2013, 1425
Thank's Noah, I'm glad you noticed.

09 July 2013, 1533
Noah. Bring it with you. I'll buy it off ya.

09 July 2013, 1731
Noah. Bring it with you. I'll buy it off ya.

OK, will do.