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08 July 2013, 1928
Hi, I'm relatively new to this forum. I have been hanging out in the endless sphere forum.
I am hoping there are others on this forum in my area.
I am interested in a very lightweight off road motorcycle/bicycle.
Total noob to the whole electric vehicle thing.

09 July 2013, 0803
Hello Shawn,

Welcome to El Moto, you will find many forum members that will give and idea on how to proceed. Do you have any idea what you want to run?

Los Angeles

09 July 2013, 1104
Yes, I want a Stealth Bomber or a lightweight electric motorcycle. My ideal build would be a lightweight chassis (2 stroke off road) with lightweight lipo4 batteries and a mid drive motor. I have no idea how much a motorcycle chassis weighs so I might be better off using a
bike frame but I am not sure how well it would hold up off-road. I am 5'8" and weigh 165, near 50 yr. old female. I do not have a need to go over 35-40mph but want light weight. I considered the Australian made fx mountain moto but then found the Stealth Bomber and love the idea of electric but can't afford it. I love the Sev Etricks Evolution with a pedal kit but since I cannot find any American reviews on it I am concerned about a $5000 purchase from France without USA support. So I am looking to do a DIY project.

13 July 2013, 1909
Bought a Chinese made Sikk 125cc trail bike just for fun but need to change the fork seals before I ride. I still want an electric bike though.