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21 July 2013, 2307
Hi all!

I've built my bike (http://evalbum.com/3977) to not have a charger on-board. I think that for most of the time it's just extra weight I don't need to carry, and for the few times I'm going to take the bike somewhere that I need to recharge (e.g. going to a friend's place over half my range) then I'll justput the charger in my bag and carry it.

I'm interested to know what other people have done, though. In particular, are any people using direct DC charger plugs or charging systems similar to four-wheel EVs (e.g. the Leaf or the iMiev). Are there standards that make sense to look into here?

Have fun,


Nuts & Volts
22 July 2013, 0713
there are some standards but I tend to agree with your approach. I don't think it's worth having an onboard charger in less you can fully utilize the charging stations or charger pack in like less than an hour. My goal is to have something like a 12 kW charger on for my bike whenever traveling long distances. And remove it when I'm not going that far, ie daily commuting. Unless I have charging at work in which case I could decrease the DOD on every cycle and increase the lifetime of the pack.

It would be awesome to get permission to use a Tesla Supercharger station in the future. 15 to 30min charging to full on any electric motorcycle (that has Lithium that can handle it)