View Full Version : new high power battery chemistry reported by jack on EVTV 20 c discharge 3 c charge

01 August 2013, 2137
Ev tvTV demonstrated a new flavor of li Ni Mg cobalt oxide cell which claims a 20 c peak 15 c continuos discharge capacity. The cell runs from 3.0 to 3.9 volts and can be ordered in at least two flavors 60 and 100 amp hours. the cells are significantly lighter and smaller than standard calib grey cells and I was wondering if they might be applicable to the uses of the elmoto crowd? The cost is about double a standard calib grey cell as is the power capacity and discharge rrate. see http://www.evtv.me/

01 August 2013, 2323
Sounds great! If anyone find any actual specs for these things, post them to me and I'll put them in my battery comparison site.

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