View Full Version : Motenergy ME0810, AXE 400A, Zero X batt pack, Perm PMG132 etc.

25 August 2013, 2202

New to this forum and most other EV forums. I have been working with EV projects for many years now in my laboratory(garage).

Skipping to the point. Its time to clean out some stuff that doesn't get used any more. Hopefully some of you find them usefull.

I will post my Ebay sales, if you are interested in some of the parts, let me know by phone call or text. I have more motors and controllers, just ask. :)

I am not good at visiting on a regular basis in order to get PMs on time. Sorry.


I do not have good perspective on EV parts values. I know what they cost new and what they sell for on Ebay. Of course if they were .5 the going price it would be good but since I don't get my parts for that price I need to sell for fair value in order to keep the toy flow moving in the correct direction.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email: 253-565-9823 fairladymotors@hotmail.com

Doug Smith