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21 September 2010, 1536
Hey kids.

I know i went AWOL around may, and am just getting back to checking the boards. Honestly, i was a bit embarrassed that I wasn't making any real project on my bike, so gave up checking.

But, i'm starting to make smidgens of progress again, so i'll try to hang around more.

The latest news from my project is that I have most of the battery cage welded together, and have actually started putting parts back on the bike to make sure everything fits. I hope that within another 10 hours of work time (which may be 15 weeks in real time the way life has been going), i should have the cage all done and mounted...then i can get to the rest of it. :)

Talk to y'all soon!


21 September 2010, 1610
Glad to see you are back and ...where are the photos!!! :)

24 September 2010, 2226
Glad to see you are back and ...where are the photos!!! :)

Thanks! Pics are forthcoming. I've been remiss in taking them.

BTW, did figure out today that the VF500F frame with the front wheel and fork attached along with the rear swingarm (but no rear wheel) will fit inside a 1999 Subaru Outback (with the seats down). I'm took the day off to go welding, and i thought i might get enough done to need the frame to measure out the additional frame mounts for the battery cage. So i put the bike in the car to take to the TechShop (where i do my welding). I was surprised it all fit, but unfortunately, didn't get that far, so didn't need the frame in the end.

Note to other first-time Emoto converters: choosing a simple battery cage layout may be beneficial to your sanity (and project timeline). :-)