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02 October 2013, 0352
I'm sure not everybody gets their money's worth out of these classes, and I tried to find some feedback that wasn't so great.

I found this fairly amusing thread, (amusing like watching a family fight as a guest at Thanksgiving dinner), that started:
I went to 2 classes of MSF school with 1 more session left to attend. Boooooooooring. Maybe starting out riding before the class spoiled it for me. I thought the purpose of the class was to teach beginners how to ride(which they achieved), and not so new riders how to get better(remains to be seen). I learned some things, but I can't see how anything I've learned from the class so far was worth $245. In other words, I rode my motorcycle from school the same way I rode it to school. Did anything I learn help me in traffic on the way home. Ummmmmm.....No! I hope next week will be more fulfilling. Otherwise, I just paid $245 for a motorcycle license.

It's here: MSF School: Waste of time, waste of money, both, or none of the above......Flamers flame on. (http://www.bestbeginnermotorcycles.com/forum/forum-topic/1430/msf-school-waste-time-waste-money-both-or-none-aboveflamers-flame)

If you can wade through the flames, (and I get crap about Ted's Fight Club? LOL), there's some good advice there. This was some of the best (http://www.bestbeginnermotorcycles.com/comment/9082#comment-9082).

After this long drawn out bitch about how this guy was wasting his money and wasn't gonna learn anything, here's his last post:

I passed. And what a challenge today was. This is going to sound soooo corny (so everybody get their spread ready), but today made it all worth it. The challenges, the coaching, the well deserved "good job" this time. Unfortunately, someone did get hurt today. During the skills test where you brake before you corner, a guy dropped the bike on himself. He sprained his ankle pretty badly, sad to say. 2/3 of the disabled students passed as well....yay for the underdogs!

I LOL'd!

02 October 2013, 0713
I could tell that the gang of stunt bikers that chased the SUV in New York City the other day certainly took what they learned in their MSF classes to heart. :rolleyes: