View Full Version : 72V 10 amp Charger for LiFEPo Cells

22 September 2010, 1805
I bought this charger in January expecting to use it on my large order of LiFEPo cells. That didn't happen for a lot of reasons and I'm now using AGMs for now. This charger is for a 72volt pack and charges at a max rate of 10 amps. It has a fixed charging profile for LiFEPOs. It seems reasonably smart. It does not charge until it detects a load. It can identify reverse polarity, shorts and other faults.

Here's a datasheet on it: http://www.chennic.com/show-products.asp?id=73&JCKF

I have the DC-DC converter from the same company and it works very well.

I paid $190 and I'd like to get $125, shipping included. PM me here or e-mail dale@coyner.com if interested. Thanks for looking.

23 September 2010, 0512
That looks like the ecitypower charger.

Do you know that charge voltage it is set for (should be different for CALB vs ThunderSky)?

I bought one on eBay earlier this month, but it didn't ship by the day it was supposed to, and I've had no responses from the seller for a week, so I've put in to have the payment reversed. As soon as that clears, (Monday or Tuesday) I'll be in the market, and your price is right.

23 September 2010, 0539
I was hoping the datasheet would tell me but I don't see data on that. I'll drop them a line. I think Chennic is the OEM though it's hard to tell sometimes. But they have been pretty responsive to my questions.

24 September 2010, 1135
Bill, according to Chennic, the output voltage for the 72V charger for LiFePO4 batteries 87.6V which works out to 3.65V for a 24 cell pack.

27 September 2010, 0739
Looks like I'm not in the market after all.
Chennic sent me a message Friday apologizing for the delay and letting me know they had just shipped. It arrived today.

I have to wonder, since the manufacturer's name is cut out of the sticker, if Chennic is actually e-city power's manufacturer selling out the back door, or if they buy from e-city power, or what the connection is. Either way, the price you're asking is a good deal for someone looking, as I paid a good $60 more than that for mine after considering the shipping costs.