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27 October 2013, 0809
Hello all. I have posted this question on another forum so I apologize if you've already read this,but I thought I would try here as well.I have a 2012 zero xu which I am selling only to get a larger more range/capacity bike. Does anyone know if there's a way I could just add more battery juice to my xu? This would save the hassle of selling/buying. The bigger bike will cost me about $4k difference anyways so there must be a way to juice up the lil' xu. I am very good with electrical/electronics so no fear of surgery,I just don't fully understand how the bms,mbb and controller work/communicate together.Plus the bike is already plated etc.. and insurance is dirt cheap so it would be nice to not have to do this process all over again. Ideas? Also if anyone knows how the battery level gage works and would it be easier to change to a clearview display like this one from sevcon?



28 October 2013, 0826
As someone who has done this to a 2012 ZF9 I can tell you it is somewhat tricky and totally worth just upgrading. When the controller see's battery voltage, it will not turn on, as it fears the contactor has been welded shut. When in fact it hasn't, it just is seeing voltage from your additional battery. The BMS is another issue. Right now once a week, I sit for a few hours and manually balance my extra packs. That's the only way. The stock Zero battery balances itself.

If last year is any indication of this year and that's the only thing we go by, there should be next years model being released sometime in the next month. I would go ahead and post your 2012 XU for sale now, try to find a buyer, and then look to get a 2013 XU or perhaps next years model if it has come out and is available.

The advancements in better Nissin brakes, the bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone to monitor and adjust everything is amazing, more efficient energy usage from the more than 50% higher pack voltage, and of course the subsequent power improvement also make there many more reasons to upgrade. Plus you can get a 2013 XU with one battery pack now and then later down the line you can just pop in another module to go twice as far in less than a minute! The 2013 batteries are also more energy dense than the 2012 batteries so you get more energy for less space and weight, allowing twice the battery capacity in the same space the 2012 puts just half the battery. Upgrade for that reason alone!

Just so you know I have a 2012 and am planning on doing the same thing and upgrading next year I think. I figure electric motorcycles are a lot like cell phones. Use it hard for 2 years, save a boatload on gas and maintenance (many times more than the difference in depreciation, and in my case I already fully paid for the whole motorcycle vs if I had been using gasoline) and then upgrade to the newest model for "free" basically since you earned it. Make sense? At least that's what I would do. Good luck.

28 October 2013, 1129
The 2014 Zero's will be shown at the Milan, Italy motorcycle show on November 5, according to an email from Zero.

28 October 2013, 1457
gasfreeearth.......very well said. I indeed have the bike for sale and can actually get an even trade in value on it. I was sorta contemplating the existing xu upgrades but came to the same conclusion as yours. As much as I love the 2013 I may just get a 2012 ds for now as that is all my finances (barely) allow,then I'll just do as you said...ride 2 good years then ???Thanks for your input and safe riding

28 October 2013, 1503
Oh yeah...I guess I shoulda mentioned that I don't need much more range,just enough to hit higher speeds and have a bit of reserve during my commutes....2013 fx would be my dream bike right now....it would be a commuter and a fun bike but too hefty price tag atm.