View Full Version : Looking for weekend riding partners in the San Francisco Bay Area

12 November 2013, 0005
Hi! I live in Mountain View, CA, and almost every weekend I go on one or more moderately paced rides to local scenic places on my 2012 Zero S ZF9. Would anyone be interested in joining me from time to time? In the past I've found it convenient to arrange this type of thing by text message on relatively short notice, but I'm open to other approaches.

12 November 2013, 1232
Hey Matt.

I met you at the EV Rally this past september. My name is Alex and I have the yellow hub-motor based VF500 that was parked next to yours. If my bike had the juice to go hang with you i'd love to. I may be working on that at some point, so if/when that happens i'll hit you up! :)

12 November 2013, 1818
I'm fairly close to Mt View and always enjoy a good ride. :-)

If you want to ride to Scotts Valley / Santa Cruz area, I can quick charge bikes at my house. (Up to 120v packs at up to 100A)