View Full Version : Kawasaki ZZR250 EV conversion

21 November 2013, 1245
Hi there

Just starting an EV conversion on a 1992 Kawasaki ZZR250.

So far only have the Mars 0810 motor and the bike so the rest is up for grabs.

I only want the bike to replace my short car journeys - up to 15 miles range will be fine but hopefully say, 20.

The bike cost me 70 and the motor 280 so costs are low so far. Part of the challenge will be to see how little I can get a decent end result for but if it needs spending then I will buy whatever is needed.

I'm hoping lead acid will be ok and have yet to explore controllers.

Will post pictures as and when progress is made.



12 December 2013, 1625
Looking forward to your progress fellow ZZR owner