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23 September 2010, 1528
An article in today’s newspaper, written by Dana Hull, says that the California Energy Commission yesterday gave Oakland-based BrightSource Energy approval to build a 370 MW solar thermal power plant in California’s portion of the Mojave Desert. This approval was given over the objections of a record eight environmental groups who were concerned about the health and safety of the estimated 25 to 50 (no one knows the actual number because they hide underground most of the time) desert tortoises that might be disturbed by the project.

The Bright Source project will be built in three phases, one 120 MW plant and two 125 MW plants. BrightSource has received a $1.37 billion conditional loan guarantee from the US Department of Energy.

A total of 9 solar power plants are scheduled for approval by the end of the year, totaling 4,300 MW of electricity. Two thirds of the power will be purchased by PG&E and the remaining power by Southern California Edison. The plants are expected to create more than 8,000 construction jobs. All of the plants will be built between Bakersfield and San Diego, in the desert within the southeastern area of California.

The solar power plants that have been approved are: Beacon Solar Energy Project (250MW); Abengoa Mojave Solar 1 Project (250MW); Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (370MW) and Blythe Solar Power Project (1,000MW).

The plants that are expected to be approved for construction by the end of 2010 are: Calico Solar Project (850MW); Rice Solar Energy Project (150MW; Palen Solar Power project (500MW); Genesis Solar Energy Project (250MW) and Imperial Valley Solar Project (709MW).

08 October 2010, 0751
I heard on the news last night that BrightSource received its final Government approval and can now commence construction of their solar power plant. They have retained everyone's favorite big contractor, Bechtel, to build the plant.

08 October 2010, 1632
Good the more that are built the better!!
A few Nuclear power plants would be nice too

08 October 2010, 1747
Power to the People! :)

01 March 2012, 1800
Solar energy is still a developing energy with technological advances continually being made to make it more cost efficient and more abundant. Currently it is still a form of electricity that is only used by a minority of households, either as self-contained rooftop installations or on the grid direct from a solar power plant (http://www.solarpoweraustralia.com.au/industrial-and-commercial.html).