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04 December 2013, 0834
Last night during the last 3 minutes of the CBS national TV news there was a report on electric drag racing, featuring a home-built electric Mazda Miata with a 400 hp electric motor being run on a drag strip. The reporter got to ride in the passenger seat as it went down the strip.

However, what got my attention was a single mention that the F1 racing series would be featuring electric race cars next season. Now that sounds really interesting and with F1 money behind it could really push EV vehicle technology forward and maybe some of that will "trickle-down". :)

04 December 2013, 1023

It's still a full season away but I can't WAIT for it!!

Harold in CR
04 December 2013, 1114
Could that Miata have been John Metric ? He has one that is about to break into the 8 second times, in the quarter mile.

04 December 2013, 1749
Yes, John Metric.

Video here (http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/electric-cars-redefine-future-of-drag-racing)

09 December 2013, 0552
I saw a prototype of a Electric Open wheel car at the Oct 2012 Savannah Race. Two large warp motors in it, but that was all. No batteries.
I may have some photos of it some where. It was green of course...

10 December 2013, 0839
Formula E is going to run its own separate calender from F1. It starts in September next year and runs until June with 10 races scheduled. Only time it shares a venue with F1 is Monaco. A few big names have gotten involved so far like this fine gentleman, second from the left. http://www.fiaformulae.com/news/leonardo-dicaprio-to-enter-formula-e