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27 December 2013, 1153
Hey all,

My needs have changed, so I donít really need the advanced battery setup I have now in my bike. It makes more sense to put that into the hands of someone who can really use it.

100 AH CALB LiFePO Batteries

I have 25 CALB 100 AH LiFePO cells purchased through Manzanita Micro (24 in my setup plus a spare.) They have less than 50 charge cycles. I have always charged them through a bank of individual LiFePO cell chargers, so they have never been overcharged, nor discharged too far. They are in excellent health and still very young.

The current market price for 100ah CALBs looks to be around $140/cell or $3500 for 25. Iím asking $3,000 cash for this set. I can also accept a credit card for a 3% premium.

Shipping is not included in the price. Iím located in the Washington DC area and pick up would be the best option. Iím willing to deliver or meet someone within 100 miles of DC. I can get shipping quotes for delivery by truck to a freight terminal near you (common carriers wonít accept). Please supply me with your zip code.

Manzanita Battery Management System

Since Iím going back to AGM cells, I canít really use the Manzanita BMS I have. I have the following components:

MK3x8 eight channel regulators (3) - $320 each http://bit.ly/Ka3dK5
Rudman touch screen bus display meter - $300 http://bit.ly/Ka2TLe
State of charge head with shunt - $450 http://bit.ly/Ka33lW
Regulator Relay Output Board - $200 http://bit.ly/Ka37lQ
Dongle terminator - $120 http://bit.ly/Ka2QPK

All of these are built and serviced by Manzanita. You might need to update firmware, but otherwise these are up-to-date components.

The total cost of this system is $2030. Iím asking $1500 cash. (CC ok with +3% added). Shipping to any US or Canadian address is included for this package. Iíd like to sell everything as a complete package.

Thanks for your consideration. PM me here or e-mail me at dale@coyner.com

28 December 2013, 1342
Sorry to see that your not going to run them in your bike Dale. I remember working with you on putting this all together. Best of luck.

29 December 2013, 1524
Hey Gene, good to hear from you. The deal is this -- I originally thought I would be using the bike around the metro DC area, in which case I would need a daily range of 50 to 70 miles. We are relocating to Sanibel, FL and down there, I rarely go off island. My daily commute (if I choose to ride) is 6 miles r/t. Given that, I don't think it makes as much sense to have the dollars tied up in that type of battery when something more modest would suit my needs. I've promised my wife I'm going to do an electric car conversion for her next and I think when I do that I'll want to start fresh, so I figured this change made the most sense.

29 December 2013, 1538
I went to a wedding on Sanibel island years ago. Sounds like a good plan Dale. Best of luck and I will forward any interested parties I might know to you.