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24 September 2010, 0847
Please TRY this with a multimeter and a constant voltage source, with a baseline (no alumimum wrap on wires) and then with the tinfoil wrap on the wires. Please video your experiment and post it on any video server. It seems wacky, but I have seen a experimenter s video clip with unexpected results --- the voltage became increasingly higher as more wires were wrapped. I'll post that clip here as soon as I can figure out how to do it.

In the meantime..

Please try to replicate this Alumimium Foil gas improvement trick on your car, and post your results on this forum, so we can all know, if this works or not. 100MPG Sentra in Philippines.
YouTube - 100 MPG Car - Nissan Sentra - Pinoy Experiment
YouTube - 100MPG Car - Nissan Sentra - Pinoy experiment - Sequel 2
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100 MPG Car - Nissan Sentra - Pinoy Experiment - Video
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This video presentation is about Mr X s 100MPG Nissan Sentra as a matter of fact it s more than 100 MPG ... To play all click http www youtube com watch v b74naeawdCs ...


Nissan's surprising Sentra - Worldnews.com
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24 September 2010, 0955

A Note About The Shiny Side:

It can't be stressed enough how important it is to have the shiny side pointing out. This is needed because the shiny side is most reflective to psychotronic radiation, while the dull side can actually, in certain environmental conditions, absorb it. However, as is illustrated in the instructions above, it is also wise to complement this with a layer of foil pointing shiny side in. This will keep your brain waves, which are also reflected by the shiny side, from being picked up by mind-reading equipment. There is a small number of aluminum foil researchers who believe that this may cause an alpha-wave harmonic to build up in the skull resulting in memory loss or pseudo-religious visions, but their findings have never been replicated by the aluminum foil research community at large. Even if their findings are validated, the risk involved is small compared to the potential of mind-intrusion.

24 September 2010, 1002
Those guys in the Philipenes can make this work, but it won't work here in the states.
The reason is that the South Pacific is centered under a vortex of the Van Allen Radiation Belts. They are innundated by psychotronic radiation. In places where the re is no psychotronic radiation, it's not a problem, so shielding against it doesn't have a benefit.


24 September 2010, 1215
this explains so much, really.

24 September 2010, 1230
is this guy for real?

24 September 2010, 1236
why yes. for real. painfully so. a small sample of the TRUTH from the sites linked:



...disregard at your own peril.

(edit. omgomg, this is the most hilarious thread I've read in ages: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/578853/posts#3 )


24 September 2010, 1304
Why would we waste any time experimenting on ICE's?

24 September 2010, 1312
I wore a tinfoil hat at the last Kickball game I went to..... and then it started pouring rain. The only benefit was, that it kept my hair COMPLETELY, unlike the rest of my team.

24 September 2010, 1336
The best use for tin foil is in the kitchen.
It doesn't make sense to wrap your wires in it to gain anything, except a possibility of a short from loose tin foil.
However, if you want to use it for hat that seems safe enough, lol.

24 September 2010, 1459
Why would we waste any time experimenting on ICE's?

You should try it on your elmoto, not the ICE, and see if there is a difference from a baseline. Please post your video results, like Jack Rickard does.

For the poster who states that it only works in the tropical zone, be advised that one or more videos exist that show an unexplained voltage increase in North America, too.

Shouldn't we just all do experiments, like Jack --- or is this just a yakity yak forum?

For those who are going to try this on an ICE, here is more tin foil wrap postings snipped ..

Found this on a fuel economy site. Wonder if it has has any merit???

Cover Oxygen Sensors with Aluminum Foil: Wrap your oxygen sensors in the exhaust pipe with 7 to 10 layers of shiny foil.

Advantage: The car computer system depends on the oxygen sensors to adjust the air-fuel mixture being fed to the engine. The cooler the exhaust gases, more fuel gets sent to the engine. The hotter the exhaust gases, less fuel will be sent to the engine.

Directions: To seal maximum warmth inside the exhaust pipe, insulation in the form of Reynolds Aluminum Foil is employed to insulate the oxygen sensor. Wrap five inches in front and five inches after the sensor to keep it much warmer. We double a one-foot section of foil and wrap that around the pipe and around the sensor itself. Do not remove the sensor. Then we repeat the process four more times. Finally we use .030" copper or aluminum wire to wind around the aluminum foil to keep it from blowing away and be sealed against water. The wire comes from any welding supply. The goal is to fool the car's computer into sensing too rich a mixture so it adjusts with a slightly leaner mixture and possibly a slight advance in timing. The end result is smoother engine operation and better MPG. This trick is especially important in severe winter climates.

I have tried this one and normal rules are if an oxygen sensor gets hotter it is lean and tells the computer to richen, but the oxygen sensor doesnt work unless temperatures are above 600deg in the exsaust which i found out on a site so the computer if it doesnt get a response from the oxygen sensor automaticly richens the mixture.

I found this hard to believe but have tried it and since the engine is 20% quiter and alittle bit more efficent.

24 September 2010, 1558

Go experement yourself. I wore an aluminum cap all day last sunday and noticed no difference from before. I'm sure as hell not going to wrap any of my high voltage wires in foil to keep the mindreaders out of my EV. You know Aluminum is a conductor right? My low voltage communication wires are already shielded with aluminum foil though, so they can't intercept my canbus and serial communication! You know that RF requires a LOT of power to induce a high enough voltage to even measure anything?

You sound like you'll believe anything you see on the internet. There is no way to quantify these mysterious waves that you theorize exist. As far as Jack, Jack Rickard has contradicted himself enough, and backed down enough, for me to just start ignoring his postings. That and he's a complete jerk when people prove him wrong. He still thinks he's right.

Why don't you take the initiative and do all these experiments yourself.

As far as that exhaust thing, how did you measure it? Did you have a data logging setup? what were your controls? How was the experement set up before and after? What types of sensing did you use? How did you measure fuel use? Where is your data? I need citations and data, photos of the setup, calibration certifications on the equipment used, etc.

24 September 2010, 1611
wait. is that you aaron?

24 September 2010, 1750
I wore an aluminum cap all day last sunday and noticed no difference from before.

Travis, the problem is that the tinfoil caps in the USA are made from Aluminum which is not nearly as effective as the proper British Alumin'I'um.
Mrs Spankhurst's is a well respected emporium of fine tinfoil hats here in the UK.

I took the liberty of providing this link ..hope it helps.



24 September 2010, 1915
So Rob, is it the wrong aluminum or just the screwed up way us yanks pronounce it that makes it not work properly?

Chris Rockman
31 August 2013, 1449
So Rob, is it the wrong aluminum or just the screwed up way us yanks pronounce it that makes it not work properly?

maybe it will influence the foil like a tesla coil would a secondary u shannannagins people working for oil stop drinking brake fluiddd i have to say after all the funny shannanagins that it might just be plausible, after all theres a whole different version of physics when considering tesla coils and influence of secondary windings. not saying that it works im saying experement with it before calling the most elaborate nonsense :p

02 September 2013, 0342
I wore a tinfoil hat at the last Kickball game I went to..... and then it started pouring rain. The only benefit was, that it kept my hair COMPLETELY, unlike the rest of my team.

Unlike the rest of my team, whose hair fell out.

Have fun,