View Full Version : Motorcycle helmet HUD article

22 January 2014, 0827
Here is an interesting article describing "heads up displays" and how they are being developed for future use in motorcycle helmets. Reminds me of the motorcycle helmet featured in the 1980's movie Time Rider:


22 January 2014, 1029
Here is another HUD made by some students for a product design class. idk if it actually will be mass produced and sold.


23 January 2014, 0805
There's 2 or 3 kickstarter programs with HUD for helmets. One is a full on helmet for sale with the HUD unit built right in. There is another company doing an add-on attachment to existing helmets. Both technologies look wicked cool. It just depends on how much they'll sell for. $200 USD or less and I'd buy one.