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24 January 2014, 1104
I have been really intrigued by some of the Trials bike videos that I've seen lately. I think an electric one would just be awesome. OSET makes one with 20" wheels that seems suitable for an adult. I would love to build one as a smaller side project that I can continually tinker with so that I'm less likely to keep wanting new things for my R6.

Anyone know where I can find a used bike or chassis from a modern trials bike? Haven't had much luck. Hoping I can keep the cost very low on this build. It would just be toy to play around with.


24 January 2014, 1350
I think the major trials bike manufacturer over the past many years has been Gas Gas. You might see what is available under that brand name. I just heard that Gas Gas has merged with Ossa (who knew they were still around) in the hopes that both Spanish companies will be able to cut costs and stay in business a while longer.

24 January 2014, 2047
You could get a trials bicycle. They're actually pretty sweet. Put a powerful e-bike motor on it and could be fun for cheap.

Speaking of Gas Gas, they make a full size electrics trials bike. Price and availability I don't know.



25 January 2014, 0747
Trials now runs the gamut from observed trials competition, to street, to doing crazy sh*t in the woods (see vid below). There are tons and tons of full suspension mountain bikes that can be used for trials. They aren't as heavy as the motorcycle variety, but some of them get close. We're talking 40mm forks, 8" of travel, can hit a 30 foot drop.

The reason I brought it up was that for a fun side project, it might be a cool way to go. Easy to find frames, and probably cheap relative to a motorcycle. I agree about pedals being kinda wonky if you're not used to it. Since I've been mountain biking for pretty much ever I go back and forth just fine. Since the battery is small, one advantage is that you can ride around, down to the trail or the skate park or whatever, then hit the electric when you want to have some more fun. No range issues as long as you keep eating powerbars. Plus they're street and sidewalk legal (in most places).

Just an idea.

Here's Ryan Leech doing "trials" - it's a Norco full suspension bike, set up for trials.

(Skip to 1:00 to see the action.)