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24 September 2010, 1305
This is meant to be humorous. Please read with a smile!

I had my first event on the way home from work that proved that our little Zap was better than another vehicle. (or at least the EGO riding the vehicle.)

I do not normally care what others think about our EVs. I am normally met with either “That is cool” ,or funny comments like the one from a 4 wheel drive truck driver asking, with a big smile, if when I turn on the radio, will that slow down the sedan? I told him only on country stations where gave me a big hardy laugh.

Today I was at a stop light and a two wheeled ICE motorcycle came up closely behind, revving his engine and constantly staring at me. I smiled and we moved on to the next light where he proceeded to almost taunt me with all of his …HP. His motorcycle was a sport cruiser, not an old Harley where revving the motor had a purpose (Oil pressure) other than sounding cool. I have ridden many an ICE and presently own a HD as well as our EV motorcycles. (Old habits die hard) I have seen the attitude before.

But…..at the next light a sprinkle of rain hit the windshield. Then it hits. The first torrential down poor I have experienced with our Xebra. As I drive through I saw the biker behind me getting soaked and at the next stop light not one peep from his motor.

Then I quietly smiled, all dry and safe on the three wheels. I have ridden in the rain many times. It is not fun. At least he was smart enough to keep his distance as we drove the rest of way the down main street until we parted ways at “Five points”.

The Xebra ran flawlessly the rest of the way home….and we just washed it the day before! :)


24 September 2010, 1920
So it's your fault it rained today. STOP washing your car so much, it makes it rain too ofton!

25 September 2010, 0237
I wish. We have not had any real rain in a month or two. The rain we had yesterday was very localized.