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31 January 2014, 0044
My mate was telling that there was a Honda sports bike that had a smaller wheel at the front and as a consequence people had many accidents.

The way it was explained to me was it is because the front wheel can't keep up with the back wheel and the is a forward force on the front, so when you're turning it kicks the front wheel causing the bike to fly out underneath you.

Maybe Noel can explain the forces and if we should try and match the circumference front and back?

31 January 2014, 0411
Ouch! Head hurting.

I'll check it out tomorrow.

Awesome reference. Thanks Ted.

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31 January 2014, 0526
Your mate's full of it lad.

Take a look at the motorcycles on the market today - cruisers will regularly have a larger front than rear, and whilst modern sportsbikes tend to be equal front and rear, all throughout the late 80's and through the 90's it was the norm to have a 16" front and either a 17" or 18" rear.

All comes down to the design steering geometry.