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10 February 2014, 1840
Here's a fun video about the AC induction motor. Complete with campy 60's banter.

(They're using a 2-phase motor, not a 3-phase like we usually see in EVs.)


12 February 2014, 1934
These old school videos are the best at explaining stuff, here is one of my favorite, its about the differential:


13 February 2014, 0500
Yeah, I think the fact that fundamentals were so important then, they spent more time on them.

These days there's a chip available for every low level operation you could ever want to do so explanation of the fundamentals like this are gone by the wayside.

It's not just sad, it's a genuine concern.

13 February 2014, 1034
Here's another oldie-but-goodie. This one's on DC motors (and generators). It doesn't mention it by name, but the place where they rotate the commutator to get rid of sparking - that's timing advance.

One thing they get wrong - the positive side of electric current does not attract the negative magnetic pole and vice versa. The physics of why the wire moves is a lot more complicated.