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Zachary Rubin
13 February 2014, 0236
Linked Here (http://www.hardwarewasteland.net/projects/curiosity-becomes-obsession/) are some pics and a discription from when the bike was in her prime. Currently in need of some sweet tender love and care - the lead acid batteries and chargers have been pulled, and the controller is in questionable condition , but otherwise what you see is whats there. The bike and parts are in my parents garage just north of LA; local pickup preferred. I just don't see myself to rebuilding it anytime soon, and would much rather put it in the hands of someone who would. If your plan is not to rebuild it, A) you go to the back of the line, B) i may pull a few bits off of it first :)

5421 (http://www.hardwarewasteland.net/projects/curiosity-becomes-obsession/)

13 February 2014, 1003
Hello Zachary,
Are you going to work on another Ev vehicle?