View Full Version : Darville/Brammo Taking on Gassers

14 February 2014, 0912
Darville Racing (an Isle of Man based team) and Brammo just announced they're teaming up:


Among other things, this article (http://www.bikesportnews.com/news-detail.cfm?newstitle=Electric-bikes-to-compete-at-Southern-100,-Classic-TT-and-Manx-GP&newsid=11192) quotes them saying they'll be "the first team to compete with ICE machines in a pure road race event anywhere in the world." If that's confusing (think MotoElectra, Chip Yates, Lightning, who have famously taken on ICE bikes), it's because over there, "pure road racing" means something specific - that is, racing on public roads, closed for the race, of course. Usually with long distances by motorcycle racing standards.

There isn't much info on the bikes themselves. They look like Empulses with a race fairing, but there must be a lot more to it if they're going to be competitive against ICE in longer races. If anyone knows more, please report.

14 February 2014, 0948
Darville is racing two Empulses I believe. A stock TTX and a TTX P2.

ttxgpfan interviewed brammobrian a couple of months ago about the P2. Basically it's a further-modified TTX .. probably tweaked controller settings, full race fairing, etc. It may also incorporate some of the racing changes they made for the TTX over last year: 160 width rear wheel, single front rotor (lower weight), etc.

I think the Zero and Brammo production-based bikes have not come close to fully depleting charge at the TTXGP/eRoadRacing events, which tend to be 15-25 miles in length. Over a 30 mile race distance, the TTX P2 is probably competitive with 250cc and 500cc gas bikes.