View Full Version : No power when bike is running backward, with AC-20 and Curtis controller

09 April 2014, 2140
Hi guys,

When my bike is rolling backward because on a slope, even so slightly, my AC-20 will not start when turning the throttle. I have first to immobilize the bike with my brake, then I can start.

Any Curtis parameter that makes it behave this way ? Or is it something that cannot be avoided with induction motor?


09 April 2014, 2150
Don't know about motorcycles, but scooters must not be able to be started without holding the brake on.

Could be that the controller won't allow the motor to start turning if it's going the other way.

09 April 2014, 2305
I'm not sure what would cause that. With my AC-20, I can roll backward, apply throttle and it accelerates forward.

10 April 2014, 1012
I don't remember the name but there is a parameter that set the maximum reverse speed to allow forward motion , probably in your controller this parameter is set at a very low value so just moving backwards prevent the controller from pushing forward.

Is just a parameter born for forklift to avoid sudden stop and restart, on motorbike is ok to have it much higher or disabled

10 April 2014, 1202
I just finished reading the Curtis manual (the parameters section) to try to find this parameter, but i really can't find it.

I attach my current parameter file just in case. Or if someone with an AC-20 and Curtis can post their parameter file, then i can compare with mine,