View Full Version : What one M/C salesman thinks of El Motos

25 September 2010, 1531
I spent much of the day getting my BMW motorcycle serviced and I had a five-minute one-way conversation with the Triumph salesman about electric motorcycles. All I did was mention the BMW electric scooter concept vehicle and I got a snoot full of "I really hate electric vehicles". "They are useless, impractical, and they will never have any decent top speed or range. It will take 100 years to develop batteries that will be able to provide sufficient energy to make EVs practical. Etc, etc." :(

I decided not to mention that I had ordered a Brammo Empulse that has a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 100 mph. This guy's real problem is that he is upset that electric motorcycles don' t have a kick starter. :eek: Sometimes it is best to just shake your head and move along.

25 September 2010, 1707

It might just eat into his sales????

26 September 2010, 0008
Richard, some people refuse to evolve. It is hard and time consuming to learn new tricks of the trade, to keep up with the evolution of one's industry. Who knows how hard it was for this guy to learn what he did, and how much does he fear something he does not know. What happened in the transition from tube valves (or "vacuum tubes" as the americans prefer) to transistor to integrated circuits will happen to this guy's Industry. By then he can either put up or retire and become a grumpy alcoholic repeating "back in the day"... oh, well, as you said, better just shake your head and move on.