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21 April 2014, 2213
I'm working on a a permanent domain, but I've got it launched on my personal website for now:
(the map WILL retain any information you enter, so when I do finally port somewhere, it stays with the map)

Go there, click "add" and just use "electric" as the key. Email required, but you can edit and remove later. I kind of hope people leave their email so other users can contact them. We have a few users already at this point, so Feel free to add yours. This is for all motorcycle users right now. I may make changes in the coming days, but I'll try my best to keep things intact. I'm debating weather to make it all EVs, or just electric motorcycles.

Right now, I approve your locations, but I may change that. We'll see how bad spam is. This is all on my personal domain and in no way related to my business.


21 April 2014, 2356
I dont have an electric motorcycle yet, but i entered my info and location i hope this is not a big problem. :)

24 April 2014, 1008
Travis, this is an awesome idea. We have multiple electric vehicles at the University and I listed that, but I highlighted the race bike in the info section. If that isn't okay, let me know. While I was listing specs in the info section I used spaces, but it is condensing all of the info when previewed.

I know we have some Florida folks on here as well, and hopefully they'll add to the map soon. I know there aren't as many down here as there are out on the West Coast, but The South is looking rather sad on the map..

24 April 2014, 1434
We have almost 50 people in just a few days.... Nice work..... Keep em coming!

24 April 2014, 2124
Good job !

I forgot to enter details, any possibility to edit ? Or delete my entry so I can start over ?


24 April 2014, 2126
To all who want to edit:

Go to https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=939336 and Open your bubble.... Click on your name at the top of the bubble (not on the side legend) and if you're using the same browser and computer (and you haven't cleared your cookies lately) you can edit.

If not... Email me. I can remove your location and you can do it over.

To all:
When you add a location.... There's a little link it gives you at the end. If you save that somewhere you can easily come back to edit.

The fact that you... On xxxx computer and yyyy location uploaded a location is saved in your browser's cookies. If you return.... You can edit it, but no one else's.

If you clear cookies or use a different browser.... Then you have to email the admin... Listed at the top of my website.

27 April 2014, 1704
Awesome idea. I added it as a page on my website:


07 May 2014, 1442
The Electric Motorcycle Owners Map is hitting the big time. I just found this article by Mike Werner on my BMW forum:


07 May 2014, 2002
We're almost at 100 people, in right at 2 weeks time!

I'm looking for domain names, will start a thread so people can give their opinion.

13 February 2017, 1438
Where did this move to?

13 February 2017, 2329
I terminated my old website, map is still around though, and has a ton of people on it