View Full Version : Complete 72 Volt system (parts) for Sale

26 April 2014, 1428
I teach engineering in California. For a project, we converted a 72 volt racing kart. However, we had a small short in the wiring and the project has been deemed too dangerous for the school. So, I must now get rid of all the parts, which are basically brand new, and use the money for a new project. We were able to sneak in one test drive and everything works perfect. The short did not damage any of the components, it just melted the plastic on a few of the batteries.

I understand that I will not get the original price of the items; however, I would like to get a price that is fair for everyone. Anyone that wants to try a conversion but doesn't want to purchase all new products, please contact me and make an offer. I am willing to negotiate, especially if it is for the entire kit.

Here is what I have, with their original purchase price:

72 volt D&D ES-15-6 motor ($665)
72 volt charger Zivan NG1 72-10 ($545)
Curtis PB-6 throttle, 05K Ohm ($89)
Alltrax AXE7245 motor controller ($664)
SW200 Main contactor, 400A/72v ($85)
3 amp coil suppression diode ($3.50)
1 K Ohm pre charge resistor ($4)
SW202 reversing contactor, 400A/72v ($170)
10 amp fuse with holder ($10.50)
450 amp ANN fuse with holder ($23.86)
2 gauge wire with connectors ($40)

The total price for the entire kit above was $2,300 plus tax and shipping. I was thinking $1100 plus some shipping???

In addition, I have 6 batteries from the conversion. They are Odyssey Extreme PC1100 batteries. All of the batteries work, however, three of them are partially compromised. One has a crack on the side, the other two have been melted on the top. All of them have been tested and are still functional. The batteries cost $220 each, for a total of $1320 for the set. I would be willing to take $600 plus shipping.

Let me know. I am really hoping to get money to do another "safer" project with my students. They are eager to learn about electricity and fabrication.