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07 May 2014, 2345
Currently there are three major electric motorcycle forums that I know of: http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/, http://elmoto.net/, http://brammoforum.com/. The accepted practice to reach the entire community seems to be to post to (and read the replies on) all of them, as demonstrated recently by the owners map and my group ride announcements; this is a PITA. To collect some data on how important this actually is: which forums do you read? Would you be willing to help the community function better by standardizing on one forum at least for brand-independent group rides, and possibly for a broader range of topics if the fragmentation doesn't seem to be serving any purpose?

For myself: I check all three forums for group rides (though probably not often enough) and would be willing to standardize on any one of them, though I'd prefer one with a brand-independent title, and if I have to pick one, I'm partial to http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/ as the first one I found.

Nuts & Volts
08 May 2014, 0529
I read Elmoto and Endless sphere everyday. I post to El Moto a few times a week. I read electricmotorcycleforum about twice a week and only the Zero section ever.

08 May 2014, 0744
I read all three specific electric motorcycle forums several times every day and post dribble on them more often. :rolleyes:

Good luck merging them together. That is just not the way world politics are going lately.

08 May 2014, 0804
I read and post to elmoto pretty regularly. Read endless sphere when a search turns something up (although it's not strictly an electric motorcycle forum). I very rarely go elsewhere. Elmoto is my community. Nothing personal against any of the others, I just don't have the time or interest to post to all of them.

08 May 2014, 0826
... I'd prefer one with a brand-independent title...

HA!!! Theres a brand here??? Who has my check???

ps: love you too Noah :)

08 May 2014, 1221
2 years ago i had to choose between these 3 to start my build thread:

- electricmotorcycleforum.com: there was just not enough activity in the tech section, and i checked again today, it has not grown so much, i mean, the Tech section
- endlessphere: good for bicycles, very crowded, can't read everything, but not much going on about motorbikes
- elmoto: not a large crowd, but always someone to answer the questions (although we depend on a handful of regulars), can read all posts, been visiting pretty much everyday for the past 2 years. That's my local pub.

WHy should I go and drink my beer elsewhere when i think we have the best beer here (i mean technical stuff for DIY'ers) ?

08 May 2014, 2028
With mobile apps like Tapatalk that can bring all your forums together in one place and follow-up on subscribed threads, thus making things very easy and fast to check on, I don't see a lot of reason to standardize forums... plus if there's any revenue to make through ads, the owners will want to keep them separate.

14 May 2014, 0055
The aggregate answer across the three instances of this topic: (1) people want to use their separate forums for different culture, post count, or whatever (which probably shouldn't have been a surprise), and (2) no one expressed interest in group rides, never mind choosing a single place to post them, which matches the level of response I've had to those posts since March 22. I guess that leaves me posting community organization topics all three places and group rides nowhere in particular, but probably at least on http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/ to leave the door open in case someone new interested shows up and follows the trail.

14 May 2014, 0404
I'd say yes on #1, each forum serves its own purpose. Same reason everyone doesn't go to the same bar, like Hugues was saying. It would be one huge, probably kind of weird bar. I agree with your point about fragmentation, but the alternative is information overload.

On group rides, I'll bet people would love a single place for that. The owners map seems like a great place for it. If you have ideas for how to integrate group rides into the map site, go ahead and post them to that thread. I think Travis is looking for ideas for the site.


14 May 2014, 0735
Regarding group rides on electric motorcycles: I believe that the biggest issue to getting a ride together over any distance is battery pack range. The distance between electric motorcycle owners is far enough right now that just getting to a central location from their homes uses up a significant amount of battery power so as to limit the ride to a short distance. If you could meet up at a charging station that has a sufficient number of outlets to accommodate the riders and then go to an adjacent restaurant for a couple of hours to recharge before riding off, that might work - if you could find such a location that had enough charging stations and was not already being occupied by other EV's. As I see it, until electric motorcycles become more popular, their ownership more concentrated within one local area and charging infrastructure more accessible and available, range anxiety will always be an issue for many riders and getting group rides organized will remain like herding cats. The industry remains too young and electric motorcycle ownership acceptance too small to result in activities that are more typical for gasoline-powered vehicles. It is just going to take time before riding electric becomes as normal as riding an IC motorcycle is now.

14 May 2014, 0901
In my last attempt to bring electric cycles together, it was the adequate amount of outlets I need to help guys charge up. Need to find a electric cycle friendly location with enough wall outlets or charging stations.

14 May 2014, 1517
In my last attempt to bring electric cycles together, it was the adequate amount of outlets I need to help guys charge up. Need to find a electric cycle friendly location with enough wall outlets or charging stations.

Not an easy thing to do. This week I have visited three State parks and not a one would let me charge up at the park. Either because they had no outlets near a parking area or, when they had a working outlet near a parking space, no one in the park was willing to give me permission because the Parks department had not adopted a policy allowing using exterior outlets to charge EV's.

One County park employee would let me charge up at a vacant group picnic area one day, while another employee would not let me do it on another day. Not all that helpful if you really need a charge.