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31 May 2014, 1947
Hi all, I am very new and wet behind the ears when it comes to EV's. I am going to attempt to convert an old bike I have collecting dust in my garage. It is a Suzuki GN400. I am on a very limited budget on this as it is my first and such a small bike. I was thinking 36-48v, which ever I can fit in the bike. Going with AGM batteries for now. I have access to a Baldor industrial duty DC motor model#CDP3320. Specs read 90v and only 1750RPM. Is this a workable motor or do I need to pass it by and keep looking?
Thanks for any advice. I have not yet started de ICEing the bike so I am really early on. The Baldor is all but free to me if I want it.

31 May 2014, 2017
Any reason why you don't want to run the motor at it's rated voltage? It would be a slow bike at 1750 rpm - what are the current ratings on the motor? You'll hear it often around here - acids are a false economy. They are heavy, bulky and will disappoint, and before you know it they're passed their best. LiFePO4 is a much better option if you are budget constrained.

31 May 2014, 2144
Hey, welcome to elmoto.

That motor is only 1/3 HP. It would barely move a motorcycle, probably burn up trying to get over 10mph.

http://www.baldor.com/products/specs.asp?1=1&catalog=CDP3320&product=DC+Motors&family=General+Purpose%7Cvw_DCMotors_GeneralPurpos e

48V is sort of the minimum voltage you would want to run on a motorcycle, and you would want a motor made for 48V, otherwise you won't get the full rated speed of the motor.

Like Jones said, everyone will tell you it's not worth bothering with lead acid, and I mostly agree. It depends on what you're after. If it's just a fun project for playing around, they are cheap and simple, although large and heavy, and they don't last. If you want something to ride a lot, even commute on, then lithium is much much better, and in the long run less expensive.