View Full Version : Selling qty 23, CALB SE40AH cells

09 June 2014, 1217
Upgrading my 40AH pack...selling qty 23 SE40AH (Blue) CALB battery. They have about 130 cycles on them and still giving full capacity. I normally run them no further down than 30-32AH. I want $700 for all 23....local pickup in central NJ only. Come ride my bike (to test the pack)....I'll pull the pack right then. Not selling individual cells, cells all have the Mini-BMS modules on them which I am keeping for the new cells. Thx, Phil.

Jonny Panic
09 June 2014, 1300
If you can't find a buyer local I am very interested in your pack. Unfortunately I'm in Los Angeles. Send me a PM if you ever consider working out some sort of shipping.


- Jon

edit: My original log in was jpanichella but apparently I was banned? Not sure what that was about, I haven't posted in going on 3 years, just wanted to let you know that I at one point used to be a regular.

09 June 2014, 1750