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11 August 2014, 1410
Hey there,

Total newb here. Getting ready to start my first build. Been doing a ton of research and was fortunate enough to talk to some people at a Harley Livewire event this weekend (I got to ride one ;)). A tech for Harley started talking about Dual Carbon batteries (http://www.gizmag.com/dual-carbon-fast-charging-battery/32121/). Does anyone have experience with these? any thoughts?

11 August 2014, 1542
Hey Smith

Welcome to elmoto. I registered for a test drive of Livewire myself, but haven't found out if I've been selected yet. I'm curious what you thought of it.

As for the carbon-carbon battery, if you read the article it indicates that these are still in the R&D stage, and not available. They sound great, but articles come out almost daily touting breakthroughs that are "almost" ready for production. And then you never hear from them again. I hope this battery is real, but until I can buy one, it's just vapor ware.


11 August 2014, 1620
Yeah. I realized that they weren't in the market at all once I dug a little deeper after posting this.

As for my test ride of the Livewire bike, It was impressive. I ride a clunky, springer front end, hard tailed, evo sportster every day, so the differences were stark. I'd never ridden an electric motorcycle before, and was very impressed by the power delivery. Bike seemed to under-steer a bit, but other then that, felt top-notch. Sounds pretty F***in cool, too.

12 August 2014, 0139
Since vehicle testing (go-kart) is due to begin this month, this battery will definitely be on my watch list.

Here's a cool teaser marketing video showcasing Power Japan Plus' partnership with Team TAISAN: