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13 August 2014, 0702
Hey all,

Name is Nate. I've been riding/building for about 8 years. I saw a buddy on a forum putting together a Honda ev bike and thought that was awesome. I have a spare frame or head stock I was planning to build a chop(custom frame) or track bike.

I saw that it was possible to diy a electric motorcycle set up for similar costs and thought I would give it a shot or do some serious research.

Here are some pics of completed projects/rides. I like streetfighters and came over here from customfighters.com.

01 600 gsxr

10' ktm 690

86 gsxr 7/11


And in progress is a Honda gl1000 build with a blower/weber carb.


Bear with me about pics. Posting from my phone.

The ev build would be either a custom framed dom/chromoly steel. Or 92 w600 suzuki aluminum frame.

I guess my goals are 50lbs/ft torque, 300 lbs, 80 mph max and 50 mile range. I haven't done enough research to narrow down appropriate motor/battery set ups. But just introducing myself. Looking through the builds. Cool site.


Pics should work now.

13 August 2014, 0801
Hey Nate, welcome to elmoto. Your bikes look awesome. Great work.

I have a thread over on customfighters (http://www.customfighters.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42339) - although it's pretty old. I need to post an update. People over there were very cool, nice to get the full circle.

Your specs are totally within reach. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

14 August 2014, 0813
Looked through your build and blog. Awesome. Just awesome.

You're using the ac-20 now? Do you have your old motor? Really inspiring build man.

The only problem with these ev builds imo is that you kind of need more upfront funding. Like I can't buy a motor or batteries right now so research is paramount.

Thoughts on using used bits? Motors/controllers would be my main idea. Batteries seem important to get new or high quality used.

14 August 2014, 0905
Yup, AC-20. I love it. I sold my old motor.

I had the same issue, I got the chassis and then couldn't afford the parts for a while. So I spend months customizing the bike and planning the build. Worked out pretty well. If'd I'd had everything at once, I probably would have put it together right away and not spent all the time on the design and custom work. Even then, I never really stop tweaking the bike, upgrading the motor and batteries, etc. You're probably the same way.

Used motor/controllers are usually fine. With brushless motors, there's not much that can go wrong. As long as the bearings are good and the coils haven't been burned, you're probably good. Same on controllers, basically if they work they're OK.

Batteries are a different story. You can do OK with used, you just have to know their history really well. Make sure they haven't been abused, how many cycles they have, etc. Buying new is really the way to go on cells.