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15 August 2014, 0134
I was digging around the forum and could not find a post which lists interesting ebay auctions for the EV minded :eek:

I came a cross this motor, saw the same motor or a similar one on endless sphere once.


30 Kg roughly and 90kw for "only" 450 euros including shipping, assuming the motor is alright that is a killer deal. It make one fast motor cycle.

Nuts & Volts
15 August 2014, 0550
Must resist urge to buy....because I have no idea what I would use it in haha

15 August 2014, 0555
If i was further along with my inverter i would buy it in an instant. OEM quality hardware right there. for about 50 kg you would have a complete drive train with insane numbers.

Better i get my stuff sorted out and moved to one location so i can actually have access to my tools and components at the same time and finish projects i start.