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23 August 2014, 1736
Well here is good news for everyone. Lithium battery prices are dropping rapidly. Partially due to a production overcapacity, though? :confused: You would think that Tesla would not need to build their Gigafactory, unless the batteries that are being made are not to their liking: http://cleanrider.com/price-lithium-batteries-declining-faster-expected/

23 August 2014, 2059
They're over capacity now, but the market for li-ion batteries is supposed to quadruple in the next decade. I think they're gearing up for the expected demand, and a lot of people want in on the action. The capacity exceeding demand situation is surely temporary while the market moves toward equilibrium.


Also, lithium battery prices have been dropping steadily for several years. Here is a very similar report from over 2 years ago (dropping prices due to capacity exceeding demand):


27 November 2014, 0008
Moore's Law

27 November 2014, 0807
I don't think Moore's Law works for batteries, though. :rolleyes:

27 November 2014, 1115
Soooo where can I see these prices actually reflected?

I'm thinking of buying this pack - http://hybridautocenter.com/HAC4/index.php?option=com_hikashop&ctrl=product&task=show&cid=5&name=new-3-5kw-h-battery-block-60-8v-60ah&Itemid=605
which is $1000 for 60.8V, with 3.5kW/h 60a/h

Is this a good deal?

27 November 2014, 1357
Leaf cells from Hybrid auto are a great deal, but they don't reflect typical lithium battery prices. They're deeply discounted because they're surplus from Nissan.

27 November 2014, 1935
the website link says "no stock". Can you actually get them?

27 November 2014, 1959
It says that all the time. There's one guy that handles the Leaf cells, and I think when he's out of town he puts it at no stock. Send them an email.

27 November 2014, 2017
The number of all ev sales is on an exponential curve: http://www.torquenews.com/1075/march-2013-electric-car-sales-best-ever-according-edta-led-leaf-and-model-s-sales

Battery manufacturing has to keep up with the pace of initial production quantity and replacement quantities as these packs need repair.